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Briosa Jack Mackerel, Cole’s Smoked Mussels, Matiz Sardines in Lemon!

It’s been an exceptionally hot summer here in Boston! We’re looking forward to the reprieve and beauty of fall in New England. It’s the season for weddings, farms, hikes, and pumpkin spice and we are slowly unpacking our sweaters in anticipation. In fishier news, we got connected with a local fish cannery company called Cole’s Seafood. They are locally based in Rhode Island and have been a personal favorite of ours for quite some time. Thanks to our growing Tinned Fish Club family, we were finally able to make a large enough direct order so we can share them with all of you! 

Jack Mackerel Fish Tacos – The Briosa jack mackerels in olive oil are unique, delicious, and a great tin to enjoy outside with a friend. Alternatively, try them in fish tacos! Serve a mackerel or two over grilled tortillas with corn slaw and avocado. Top with a homemade spicy mayo sauce by combining the included mayo and Cholula  sauce. Finish with a generous dash of the included lime salt and enjoy!


Smoked Mussels on Toast – Tinned smoked mussels are delicious, but they are hard to come by! You can easily eat these right out of the tin. If you want to get a little fancy, butter two slices of your favorite bread and toast them on a hot cast iron skillet. Next add the mussels and their oil on top of the bread. Season with the included lemon-lime salt or salt and pepper and lemon or lime juice. Add a heap of freshly cut parsley on top.  


Sardines in Lemon Essence Garden Salad – The Matiz sardines with lemon essence is a delicious, lightly flavored tin. We think it’s a perfect protein for a garden salad! Mix some of the lemon flavored olive oil from the sardines with a good quality balsamic vinegar to make a quick and delicious dressing. Toss your salad with the dressing and a bit of salt, top with a few sardines and croutons and enjoy!

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