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Conservas Santos Sardines, Cole’s Wild Mackerel, Dorade in Tomato Sauce!

The cold weather is inspiring us to cook more at home for ourselves as well as for friends and family. With the holidays right around the corner, the Tinned Fish Club makes a fun, unique gift. If you’d like to share our club with a friend or loved one, head over to our website at www.tinnedfishclub.com and use the promo code UNIQUEGIFT for a 10% discount off your entire purchase!

Conservas Santos Sardines in Lemon Sauce- Conservas Santos is a traditional Portuguese brand that still uses a handmade manufacturing process and fresh fish caught daily off the coast of Portugal. There’s not much you need to do with this tin to enjoy the delicate flavor profile. We recommend making a simple salad with chopped fresh lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded carrots, and a diced shallot. Mix some of the lemon sauce from the tin with the included balsamic vinegar to make a light dressing for your salad, top with the croutons and whole sardines for a healthy, hearty lunch!

Cole’s Wild Mackerel in Olive Oil- Cole’s Mackerel is harvested using a sustainable “purse seine” fishing method and then skinned and deboned by hand. Mackerel is milder than sardines, but still packs a lot of umami. Try making mini mackerel crostinis! Toast slices of a french baguette and butter them generously. Top each piece with a mackerel, sprinkle some of the included pickle salt, add a drop of lemon, and finish with a cornichon (or other small pickle.) Pierce each crostini with a toothpick and don’t forget to share!     

Dorade in Tomato Sauce-  Dorade is also known as sea bream and has been served on dinner plates since antiquity. Most of the time you would see this smaller fish baked whole with sides of potatoes and tomatoes. For a quick, one-skillet dinner, try this tin with scalloped potatoes. While you can certainly make your own scalloped potatoes, we decided to go with a premade version to keep things quick and simple. Bake the potatoes in a cast iron skillet according to the package instructions. Take your skillet out of the oven, break up the fish into bite-sized pieces and spoon the fish and tomato sauce evenly on top of your potatoes. Broil for one minute and let cool slightly. Serve warm, with a squeeze of lemon, a dollop of sour cream, and garnished with parsley!


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